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Quality management system


CHỨNG NHẬN ISO 9001:2008


  • In the field of steel contruction designdesign fabrication and erection activitiesactivities, we shall follow and changing technological developments to meet our customer's requirements and expectations with safe, reliable, low cost products and contemporary service quality and to provide customer satisfaction. 
  • We will ensure it continuity by saying "NO" for poor quality products which may cause negative effects on our businesses, reliability and customer’s experience. 
  • Red Deer's basic principle, is to be a team, who strictly follows quality management system requirements including legal and customer conditions and commits continuous improvement, who also knows, tastes and expects quality, and never make a concession on quality policy.  


  • Red Deer will adopt and implement a management concept which unites:
    - Importance of Occupational Health and Safety
    - Priority for customer requirements
  • With Red Deer’s technological and high quality working principles.
  • For this purpose Red Deer will create in its structure a Management System for Labor Health and Industrial Safety in conformity with the applicable law, regulation, rule, other conditions that may be requested by customers and Vietnam Government Industrial Safety Standard, and will implement these laws and regulations into its own structure, its subcontractors as well. Red Deer will reinforce the system by supporting it through continuous improvement.
  • In order to attain and maintain such management system, Red Deer will:
    - Provide ergonomic and healthy business environments so as to reduce risk of occupational accident.
    - Provide training to employees in order to develop knowledge of occupational health and safety in employees.


  • In order to minimize the environmental impacts during products production, Red Deer accepts the following as the basis of the environmental policy:
    - Continuously improve our environmental performance in all our activities
    - Active usage of natural resources when applicable- To reduce and decompose wastes at the source, generated during our activities.
  • To meet our policy, we declare and commit ourselves that we will:
    - Organize education activities to make our employees,  suppliers and subcontractors conscious of environmental protection.
    - Keep under the control the possible effects on the environment an minimiminimize it by using proper technologies.
    - Comply with the laws and regulations in order to prevent environmental pollution.